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The mirror for one reflects the awkward bulges and the loss of the trim outline. Technically, Obesity is defined as a condition where one is at least 20% more than the ideal body weight. This is a clear indication that one has put on extra weight and need to go in for slimming sessions.
Obesity as a factor in itself is enough to make you suffer from low self esteem, mood swings and even depression, the health implications of obesity are grave, often fatal. It can lead from non-fatal debilitating conditions like metabolic disorder, hypertension, difficulty in conceiving and osteoarthritis to life-threatening chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer. Obesity is normally caused by sedentary habits, lack of physical activity and wrong eating habits like too much of junk food etc.

As a solution to ones weight gained over a lond period EMS “electronic muscle simulators” came in to picture. The weight gained over a long period of time requires a lot of exercise and calorie burning that is the situation where EMS plays the role.

EMS machines are equipped with muscle simulation pads, that are being placed systematically over the fat deposit area of the body .. these pads provides the electronic impulsive contraction and relaxation process to target muscle groups ..

Hence creating the same motion of exercise as being done physically in gym or at home but providing a comparatively higher level of calorie burning with a very comfortable positon for body

EMS machines are equipped with weight loss and inch loss modes hence providing you the complete solution for weight loss and inch reduction with no skin sagging problem

It also helps down in even toning of cellulite deposits on areas like hips, thighs , etc..

It is a very safe procedure as simulators are based on microprocessors targeting selected muscle group within a controlled range of electronic impulses to obtain an effective and pleasant muscular movement

However this process is not advised to pregnant womens , heart patients , people suffering from other serious ailments , people who had undergone any serious surgery within 6-7 months without consulting there respective doctors.